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Repurposing used blades for the future

Millions of TONNES of used blades must be replaced till 2050!

In the next 27 years there is a huge waste problem. Over 47 million TONNES of used wind turbine blades MUST be handled. WingBeam proposes a unique solution to this problem:

Reuse and up-cycle composite waste for load-bearing beams and profiles

Using recycled turbine blades, WingBeam seeks to create construction materials with multiple advantages compared with competing materials:

Strength and stiffness can be designed into the cross section of the profiles

  • No maintenance, UV and weather resistance
  • No corrosion, salt water-resistancy
  • Low heat conductivity
  • Cannot rot or be destroyed by small animals
  • Can be handled with standard tooling and machines

WingBeam shall create a new category material for the building industry markets with growing demands for sustainability and climate responsibility!

2401, 2023

Visiting Address

Wingbeam now has a visiting address and office space. Please [...]

The WingBeam Concept

The team

Pål Francis Hansen
Pål Francis HansenCEO
Main responsibilities and tasks:
• Responsible for operations and management
• Product and production development
• Business potentials, new applications, and markets
Stein Dietrichson
Stein DietrichsonCOO
Main responsibilities and tasks:
• Investor/partner relations and network
• Technology survey and marketing
• Know-how thermoplastics, coatings, and adhesives
Lars Brynhildsen
Lars Brynhildsen CTO Construction
Main responsibilities and tasks:
• Construction engineering
• Certifications and approvals
• Quality assurance

Dr. Joachim Kärthauser
Dr. Joachim Kärthauser CTO IPR
Main responsibilities and tasks:
• International relations and network
• Patents and intellectual rights
• Sustainable and environment friendly solutions
Kjell Oddvar Lervik
Kjell Oddvar LervikChairman of the Board
Main responsibilities and tasks:
• Company and business development
• Investor relations
• Environmental matters, LCA, impacts


    Visiting address:

    Husebyveien 140

    1626 Manstad


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