The team

The team

At WingBeam, our accomplished team comprises of industry pioneers with diverse expertise in fields such as nanotechnology, recycling, core materials, green energy, and more. A core team of entrepeneurs, we are driving transformative change in the sustainable recycling sector through our collective proficiency in cutting-edge technologies and groundbreaking research.

With intricate knowledge of materials technology our team of specialists have a solid experience in advanced composites. Our recycling experts champion a circular economy by repurposing discarded blades, while our core materials specialists continually explore lightweight materials to optimize performance.

Together, we are reshaping the future of sustainable energy solutions, united by a shared passion for a sustainable future for green energy.

Pål Francis Hansen
Pål Francis HansenCEO
Main responsibilities and tasks:
• Responsible for operations and management
• Product and production development
• Business potentials, new applications, and markets
Stein Dietrichson
Stein DietrichsonCOO
Main responsibilities and tasks:
• Investor/partner relations and network
• Technology survey and marketing
• Know-how thermoplastics, coatings, and adhesives
Lars Brynhildsen
Lars Brynhildsen CTO Construction
Main responsibilities and tasks:
• Construction engineering
• Certifications and approvals
• Quality assurance

Dr. Joachim Kärthauser
Dr. Joachim Kärthauser CTO IPR
Main responsibilities and tasks:
• International relations and network
• Patents and intellectual rights
• Sustainable and environment friendly solutions
Kjell Oddvar Lervik
Kjell Oddvar LervikChairman of the Board
Main responsibilities and tasks:
• Company and business development
• Investor relations
• Environmental matters, LCA, impacts


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