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Repurposing used blades for the future

Millions of TONNES of used blades must be replaced till 2050!

In the next 27 years there is a huge waste problem. Over 47 million TONNES of used wind turbine blades MUST be handled. WingBeam proposes a unique solution to this problem:

Reuse and up-cycle composite waste for load-bearing beams and profiles

Using recycled turbine blades, WingBeam seeks to create construction materials with multiple advantages compared with competing materials:

Strength and stiffness can be designed into the cross section of the profiles

  • No maintenance, UV and weather resistance
  • No corrosion, salt water-resistancy
  • Low heat conductivity
  • Cannot rot or be destroyed by small animals
  • Can be handled with standard tooling and machines

WingBeam shall create a new category material for the building industry markets with growing demands for sustainability and climate responsibility!


The WingBeam Concept

The team

Pål Francis Hansen
Pål Francis HansenCEO
Main responsibilities and tasks:
• Responsible for operations and management
• Product and production development
• Business potentials, new applications, and markets
Stein Dietrichson
Stein DietrichsonCOO
Main responsibilities and tasks:
• Investor/partner relations and network
• Technology survey and marketing
• Know-how thermoplastics, coatings, and adhesives
Lars Brynhildsen
Lars Brynhildsen CTO Construction
Main responsibilities and tasks:
• Construction engineering
• Certifications and approvals
• Quality assurance

Dr. Joachim Kärthauser
Dr. Joachim Kärthauser CTO IPR
Main responsibilities and tasks:
• International relations and network
• Patents and intellectual rights
• Sustainable and environment friendly solutions
Kjell Oddvar Lervik
Kjell Oddvar LervikChairman of the Board
Main responsibilities and tasks:
• Company and business development
• Investor relations
• Environmental matters, LCA, impacts


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    Husebyveien 140

    1626 Manstad


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